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Company Registration in Zimbabwe

Registered businesses have more opportunities for success than unregistered ones

Major benefit: A legally incorporated business

company registration consultants
We help businesses start well by providing reliable and trustworthy company registration services in 12 working days. There is no better way to lay a good foundation for your business.

We help you register your business in Zimbabwe as a PBC (Private Business Corporation) or PLC (Private Limited Company). We have helped several hundreds of entrepreneurs to successfully register their companies in Zimbabwe.

Research has proven that registering a business increases your business’ chances of success. Don’t believe it? Read this article: Why should i register a company

Are you ready to register your company?

Business Strategy & Blueprint

Building strong foundations for business growth

Major benefit: A competitive advantage

business strategy and blueprint
The business world is tough. According to Forbes, 80% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years. Of those that survive very few are profitable. So what is it that makes a business fail or succeed? Research has proven that there are principles that make businesses strong and survive.

The businesses that succeed are those that build strong foundations and support structures. Such businesses are not just ‘doing business’ they are dedicated and serious. They have developed a solid business strategy and blueprint to map their success.

Do i really need a Business Blueprint?

The simple answer- YES you do! A business blueprint gives the owners and managers of a business the tools to strategically build a business that can grow and outdo the competition. Survival, growth and success in business don’t simply come; they need to be planned and inbuilt into how you do business. It’s what separates the boys from the men. It’s the difference between failure and success.

The awesome benefits of a Business Blueprint

  • It helps you develop a clear vision for your business that is shared by everyone in the company.
  • It helps you develop a set of values that are important to you as owners and managers.
  • It helps you create a strong corporate culture through continuous reinforcement of their values.
  • It helps you clarify who your target market is and not waste time with everyone.

Even more awesome benefits…

  • It helps you define your products and offerings and develop a viable business model
  • It helps you differentiate your company through a unique brand identity.
  • It helps you define a core marketing strategy and leverage that in all your communications.
  • It helps you define a proven business process as a pattern of doing business.

Brand Identity & Development

Increasing your company’s value by building a strong brand

Major benefit: A strong valuable brand

brand identity elements

A brand is the sum total of the experiences a customer has with a business. A strong brand is one that brings positive feelings in its customers. Strong brands have loyal customers who support and cheer them all the way. A strong brand is the foundation upon which every successful business is built. It helps you sell faster, sell more and sell big. Strong brands don’t die fast, they can survive even in tough times.

We can help you lay that first stone. We’ll help you create a strong identity, uncover what makes you special, differentiates you from the competition and defines who you are and what you want to be, and what your target audience wants you to be.

Start building a strong brand today:

Web Design & Development

Build an online platform where you can market your business and sell your products

Major benefit: A website that generates sales and leads.

web design
In today’s world you can no longer afford to do business the traditional way. You need to market your business through a website. But it’s not just any website. Your website needs to fit into your marketing strategy and help grow your brand.

Your website must attract new visitors and help those visitors to become paying customers. If it doesn’t do that then it becomes an expense. We build websites that bring a return on investment, helping you grow and succeed in business.

We design and develop corporate websites, business websites, e-commerce websites and more.

Learn more about our 7 step process to building effective websites:

Online Marketing & Advertising Platform

Spread the message, let the whole world know about you

Major benefit: Advertising space for your business

online marketing
Advertise your business on Zimbabwe’s ultimate marketplace. Customers are looking for you online, a listing on our business directory and advertising platform makes sure that get found. Advertise your job vacancies, upcoming events and easily sell your products, cars and properties.

Web & Email Hosting

Fast, reliable linux hosting for your website

Major benefit: Fast websites, reliable email service

web & email hosting

Your business needs a professional look. Enhance your brand image with personalised corporate emails. Get unlimited email addresses like Emails are accessible via Outlook, webmail and mobile devices. POP3, IMAP & SMTP support included.
Get started with email hosting

Your website is your company’s representative online. You need it up and running 24/7. Crappy hosting gives you 99% uptime – that’s equivalent to 4 lost days every year! Get fast, reliable and always up hosting with top notch technical support.

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